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Date:          5/14/20 (Thurs)

Location:  Trailhead Base Camp, 500 S 8th St. (Boise, 83702)

Time:         5:30pm-6:30pm followed by Social Hour

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Location:  Trailhead Base Camp, 500 S 8th St. (Boise, 83702)

Time:         5:30pm-6:30pm followed by Social Hour

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2/13/20 Thurs
5/14/20 Thurs
8/13/20 Thurs
11/12/20 Thurs


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"To Make a Difference in Our Community"

The mission of 100 Men for Good is: "To Make a Difference in Our Community." Our giving circle will do this by finding 100 or more men who agree to commit to contributing $100 four times a year. These combined commitments will bring $40,000+ annually to be contributed to one or more Treasure Valley charitable organizations 501(c)(3). All charities and organizations to be considered must serve the Treasure Valley area as it is our intention to see the impact we are making each year.

     Charity Recipients Summary

 Collectively Making an Impact in our local community! 


1. Genesis Community Health (5/9/19) $11,100 Donated

Mission: Provide transitional primary health care, social and spiritual support, to low income, uninsured individuals in the Treasure Valley.

Donation Link:  https://genesiscommunityhealth.com/donate/



2. "Helping High Program" Frank Church High School (8/8/19)  $13,550* Donated

*Includes company matches of $1,300.

About the Frank Church Foundation for Student Achievement aka "Helping High".
The "Helping High Program" supports The Frank Church Foundation for Student Achievement which is housed under the Boise Public Schools Education Foundation, a 501(c)3 non profit organization. It is dedicated to directly helping at-risk students meet their basic, day to day needs. Founded by Jess Hawley, a teacher at Frank Church Alternative High School, they provide incentives to students in need to help them achieve superior attendance, academics, and overall behavior.


Donation Link:    https://boiseschoolsfoundation49704.thankyou4caring.org/

Web: https://helpinghigh.com/

3. Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition (11/14/19)   $13,680 Donated

The mission of the Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition is to work alongside community members in providing awareness, education, services, and safe housing for victims of human trafficking.

The Idaho Anti-Trafficking Coalition began in the summer of 2017 intending to address the growing issue of trafficking in Idaho. Since then, it has grown substantially and has taken on the goal of opening Idaho’s first safe home for trafficking victims-Solace House. Solace House Outpatient will provide professional counseling services to individuals throughout the community who have been identified as potential or current victims of trafficking.

In addition to the opening of Solace House and Solace House Outpatient, a focus of the Coalition is education and advocacy. Our program staff and volunteers provide training on trafficking to local individuals and organizations. Advocating for victim rights and new laws that protect instead of prosecuting victims is a key component of the Coalition's mission.

Donation Link: https://idahoatc.org/ways-to-give

Web: https://idahoatc.org/


4. Women's and Children's Alliance (WCA) (2/13/20)   **Donations in Process

The WCA provides therapy, support groups and client advocacy for women, men and children who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition to its two 24-hour crisis hotlines, they offer classes that teach financial literacy, parenting and life skills. Their goal is to provide security, hope and empowerment to enable victims to break the cycle of violence. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the final amount once we get everyone’s contribution.

EIN#: 82-0204464

Donation Link:  http://www.wcaboise.org/give-support/financial-support/contribution/upgrading/

Web: http://www.wcaboise.org/

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